Effekt av höj- och sänkbara skrivbord efter arbetstid : Påverkas fysisk aktivitet samt skattning av fysiska besvär efter arbetstid hos kontorsanställda som använt ett höj och sänkbart skrivbord

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för arbets- och folkhälsovetenskap

Sammanfattning: Background: Several studies show that sedentary is harmful to humans. Despite this, the degree of sedentary increases and 75% of the total time of sedentary is at the workplace. A common way to reduce sedentary is to introduce sit-stand workstations. Studies show that this gives good effects during working hours but few have studied what those providing for effects after working hours. Objective: Study office workers to see if there is a difference in the frequency and duration of physical activity and estimation of physical problems after a working day if they were sedentary or varied its working position by using a sit-stand workstation. Method: 20 office workers measured the frequency and duration of physical activity and estimated physical problems through a diary and a questionnaire after work. Results: No significant differences were detected. Conclusions: It is not possible to draw any general conclusions from this study as the sample is small and measurement methods are only subjective. More studies are needed where you look at what happens after working hours in the future to ensure the pros and cons of sit-stand worskstations.

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