Bilden som röst för ett rop på hjälp : En semiotisk bildanalys av svenska pressbilders iscensättning av folkmordet på den kurdiska befolkningen i Irak 1988

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Högskolan i Jönköping

Sammanfattning: An important starting point for the thesis is the enormous importance of photography as a source for historical research. Earlier in history, this approach has not been obvious among many historians, but recent decades’ new trends have emerged that have changed the attitude towards the image as historical source. Against this background, the main purpose of the thesis is to study how the Swedish media have chosen to portray the genocide of the Kurdish population in Iraq in 1988. The material consists of photographs that has been published by Swedish newspapers from 1988. In order to visualize general patterns, trends and a symbolism in the images, the methodological approach has been based on a semiotic image analysis where the image has been placed in a context while analyzed from two levels. In addition to this, a cultural theoretical perspective has also formed the theoretical framework for the thesis. Here, the starting point has been that the photographs published in the Swedish press papers reflected a cultural as well as a historical context in which they existed in. The results of the thesis have shown that the imagery has testified to a clear tendency to create clear dividing lines between male and female individuals in the photographs. The research have showed that women and children got strong positions as victims while the men usually became absence or they became more dominant in the situations when they showed up. When it came to the context in which the images were published, it showed that the photographs usually came to be placed in context where they came to symbolize or manifest events that concern parts of the genocide. Sometimes images also came to complement each other like a story where each part had to manifest certain parts of the story.

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