Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Arkitektur

Sammanfattning: Mitos is a proposition for a meditation center in Alberga in Eskilstuna municipality, Sweden. The meditation center offers room for temporary as well as longer stay for visiting guests enjoying the centers dance halls, yoga and meditation studios and saunas. Study spaces and the restaurant on the main entrance floor welcomes the slope buildings most public section. The meditation center also includes group therapy, light room therapy as well as an x-ray room for scientific research in the buildings fourth floor office space.  The slope placement and step-like descent of the building with recycled pale bricks adorned with sedum roofs aims to blend in with the landscape, yet make a powerful contrast by it's tempel reminiscence and squared Symmetry. The building gets its latin name Mitos from being seemingly divided into two equal parts by a 6 meter wide "stramp" (a stair with a diagonally crossing ramp), referencing the cell division phases. The stramp connects with entrances into the step-like building lower part. 

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