Dimensionering av ventilhus med avseende på skärkrafter

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Karlstads universitet/Fakulteten för teknik- och naturvetenskap

Författare: Fredrik Kjellin; [2012]

Nyckelord: ventilhus; skärkrafter;


The company Somas, Säffle, has assigned Fredrik Kjellin the project of finding out how “KVTF DN250”, one of their own valves, reacts on cutting forces under production. They wish to know if and then how much it’s possible to minimize the wall thickness of the valve with neither plastic nor to big elastic deformations caused by processing.

The most critical processes have been identified as rough lathing. The study has shown that the marginal for a wall thickness of two millimeters, to fall short of the yield stress in the most critical process, is good. Fault of processing, caused by elastic deformation, is about ten percent and therefore corresponds to the specifications. Thus can the wall thickness, according to this study, be minimized to 15 percent compared to the original model without result in to high stresses or to big processing faults.

The project has been made as a companionship, between Karlstad University and Somas, to eventually lead to examination in of the engineer program. Supervisors at Somas have been Magnus Jansson and Anders Josefson. At Karlstad University Hans Johansson has been mentor and Nils Hallbäck examiner. The project have partly been made as a cooperation with Mia Myrén Zreloff, from the Innovation- and design program, though both of our projects have nearly the same issue but with different concentrations of the valves and examination parts.

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