Hur typsnitt kan tolkas och uppfattas på webben : En studie om typsnitt och deras påverkan på informationens läsbarhet och hur typsnitt uppfattas på en webbplats

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: The purpose with this essay was to investigate if the choice of font has an impact on the content, readability and on the user-experience. Garamond, Futura and Courier New was chosen after research. In addition, a survey was conducted in which we interviewed a group of people about their thoughts on web design and information on the web and a readability test was also implemented. The study is an empirical study with the aim of finding out opinions and values ​​regarding the use of typography. The results of the survey are presented in form of texts with quotes. The result from the survey is that the font can have an impact. How the information is placed and how it is presented is extremely important. For a user to remain on the website and read, it must be appealing and easy to read. The result also shows that typography combined with other graphic design is preferable. The typography speaks for itself, but there is more that affects the perception and readability. The study shows that the font has an impact on the experience of the website, but the respondents’ answers claim that it also depends on the combination of graphic design, and that it together creates how the website is interpreted. It can be stated that the typography has some more significance than just the verbal language.

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