Personligt Varumärke och Ledarskap : En kvalitativ studie om hur företagsledare använder sig av personligt varumärke i sitt ledarskap

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Halmstad/Sektionen för ekonomi och teknik (SET); Högskolan i Halmstad/Sektionen för ekonomi och teknik (SET)

Författare: Kajsa Rydehed; Ida Emanuelsson; [2010]

Nyckelord: Personligt varumärke; Ledarskap;


The meaning of being someone and standing for something is getting more important today in the Swedish business market. Our thesis has a qualitative approach that aims to study the usage of personal branding in the upper-management of Swedish organizations. Theories collected from literature and articles include marketing branding, personal branding and leadership. Our main target is to identify components that obtain usage of personal branding which are, attributes and strengths, communication, values, and vision and mission. The empirical data is gathered from six personal interviews with managers. The result confirms that fifty percent of the managers in our study use personal branding through communication ways such as, apparel and agreement in word and actions. The outcome of the previous statement creates understanding and guidance in their leadership.


Keywords: Marketing branding, Personal branding, Manager and Leadership.

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