DIGITALISERING INOM SVENSK ELITFOTBOLL En explorativ studie för att kartlägga användningen av informationsteknologi i svensk elitfotboll

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: Digitalization is constantly taking place in society and information technology (IT)has become a major part of many industries. At the same time, sport has grown intoa billion-dollar industry and major international clubs have embraced digitalizationand become data-driven organizations that utilize IT in a variety of purposes. Thedigitalization in Swedish football clubs however, has not been as pervading whichwas one of the reasons for the Swedish Elite Footballs (SEF) digitalization projectof Swedish elite football in 2016.Since previous research on this topic often addressed specific organizations ortechnologies and mainly targeted international clubs, a need to investigate andcharacterize how Swedish football clubs use IT was identified. This is the purposeof the study and the question at issue has therefore been phrased: What characterizesthe use of information technology for training and match analysis in Swedish elitefootball clubs?The study is of an exploratory nature, which is why theory will not have a significantrole in this paper. But since it aims to investigate the use, affordance is a relevantconcept. Based on semi-structured interviews and thematic data analysis, the studyhas identified eight different themes. These themes have been based on the empiricaldata and characterize the work process in the different clubs. The conclusion of thisstudy shows that the use of IT for match and training analysis is characterized byextensive manual and time-consuming data administration, basis for decisionmaking,changing or affirming behavior and that IT plays an increasingly larger role.

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