Skogsvårdsentreprenörer i norra Norrland 2009 : företagsbeskrivning och analys av kompetensens betydelse för planteringsresultat

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från SLU/Dept. of Forest Resource Management

Sammanfattning: The number of silvicultural contractors has significantly increased in the last decades, and among its main clients are the forest companies. The purpose with this study was to describe the contractors that worked with planting in Norrbotten and Västerbotten in 2009 for Holmen Skog, Norra Skogsägarna, SCA Skog and Sveaskog and also examine if there was any correlation between the contractors’ competence and the quality in the planting they achieved. A survey was made among 47 contractors with a questionnaire who performed planting for the forestry companies in 2009. 27 contractors answered the questionnaire and 4 representatives of these contracting companies took part in an extensive interview. In average, the contracting companies had relatively few employees (21) for planting with a short term contracts. The majority of the contractors had no shortage in applicants for the position as planter. 60 % of the employees were Swedish and 65% had prior experience of planting. The required competences for recruitment were good personal qualities such as independence and driving force rather than formal competence (forestry school etc.) The results of the forestry companies objective random inspections (the calculated average of the contractors approved plant compared with the total amount of plant set) were analyzed against factors (number of education hours, the share with prior experience in planting etc.) which presumed to have an effect on the contractors competences. No significant (p≤ 0,05) correlations could be determined between chosen competence factors and the results in planting. The SWOT-analysis showed that the smallest contracting companies strengths where local awareness and high level of flexibility, while their biggest threats, rationalization, showed to be the biggest contracting companies leading competitive advantage. The threats against the bigger contracting companies where connected to the economy and the overall reputation of the entire business.

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