Bryr projektledare sig om risker i projekt? : En studie om projektledares tillämpning av riskhantering i samhällsutvecklingsprojekt.

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Karlstads universitet/Handelshögskolan (from 2013)

Sammanfattning: Project management and risks seem to go hand in hand. Thus, risk management is not always at the top of the agenda, but that it is a moment that is necessary to implement in projects. Even though a large part of the project manager's and other project participants' tasks intend to identify and manage risks and thus ensure that the project result is brought to port, risk management is considered boring. To find out how risks are perceived in projects, this study will examine and create an understanding of how project managers view risks. To answer this, the study has been supplemented with two research questions that aim to account for how the implementation of and how conscious risk management takes place in projects.The study was conducted through a qualitative approach, where a total of nine project managers in various community development projects were interviewed. The results are presented in three main themes; The possibility of risk, From ear to loaf and finally Risk management in the quiet, which is also supplemented with an associated sub-theme; Automatically switched risk management.The study shows that project managers have the main external responsibility for risk management. It also emerges that project managers perceive risk as something negatively charged. Thus, there are also those who believe that risk does not necessarily mean a threat, but also opportunities. At the same time, it is perceived that risks of a negative tone tend to receive more attention than the risks that can generate positive opportunities. Which is explained as something the project manager wishes to become better at implementing and utilizing in projects, but that the tools to know how risks can be converted into opportunities in the project's implementation are lacking. The study also shows that risk management is perceived as a important element in project management, but that it is difficult to get the project team to set aside the necessary time and resources - because risks are boring.

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