Den retoriska kampen om den ”sunda rasens” överlevnad : En myt- och identifikationsanalys av Nordiska motståndsrörelsens partiprogram

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Retorik

Sammanfattning: This rhetorical study examines the use of myths and the identification process in the Nordic resistance movement's (in Swedish ”Nordiska motståndsrörelsen” or NMR) party program. NMR is a national socialist organization and political party in Sweden. I have used Burke's view of myths and identification and supplemented the study by examining which recipient NMR is trying to reach, in accordance with Black's theory of the second persona. The study was carried out through a myth analysis based on Burke's topoi he found by analyzing Hitler's "Mein kampf" which consists of inborn dignity, projection device, symbolic rebirth and commercial use. The methodological approach to the identification analysis is based on Edward C. Appel's identification analysis called "PAIVE" which stands for pieties, allegiances, interests, values and experiences. The results show that NMR uses myths to a large extent to build narratives about races, common enemies and solutions for a utopian society. The identification markers which exists are mainly based on dichotomies between "us" and the established enemy. NMR also uses several metaphors to convince the reader of their worldview. The study has been done to gain a better understanding of how racist organizations influence us with their rhetoric so that we can more easily see through their “rhetorical tools” and then protect ourselves against them.

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