Utan tvivel är man inte klok : En vetenskaplig essä där jag uppmärksammar och undersöker tvivlet som jag uppleveri min profession som förskollärare

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för kultur och lärande

Sammanfattning: Working at preschool is not always easy. Meetings between different people, the ability to weigh and assess situations, analyze documentation, have scientific knowledge and, not least, be able to lead a careful and educational teaching that gives all children the conditions to meet curriculum goals are some of the demands placed on us working in preschool. The method I have used is to write a scientific essay. But I have also performed participatory observations of two different teams during their pedagogical reflection time. The observations have taken place at two different preschools. My own story is presented together with other educators' stories that I take part of through participatory observation. I examine our thoughts about preschool teaching through conversations, reflection and literature. My essy investigates the doubt that I experience in my profession as a preschool teacher. In this essay, doubt for me means a sense of uncertainty how to interpret and perform my assignment as a preschool teacher. I start from my own perceived contradiction between the administrative documentation responsibility for individual children as the preschool teacher profession entails and my practical knowledge. The essay investigates four main questions: How can I understand, and interpret the doubt as I experience in my role as a preschool teacher? How can deal with to the perceived contradiction between the documentation obligation that I have as a preschool teacher and the practical knowledge? What difference makes documentation for an individual child? How can an individual child´s changed knowledge be made visible in the documentation tool for systematic quality work without it being personal or knowledge assessments? The study's conclusion is, in a way, two-dimensional because it shows my personal journey in new knowledge add new perspectives that awaken new thoughts to me. The survey also shows a fundamental crash between Reggio Emilia's thoughts on pedagogical documentation and the Swedish curriculum where individual children's changed knowledge should be made visible in documentation. The investigation also points out that we live in a documentation culture where continuous registration of what we do is important, otherwise there is no.

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