Yrkesrelaterade stressfaktorer och dess påverkan på patientsäkerheten – En systematisk litteraturstudie ur operationssjuksköterskans och kirurgens perspektiv

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Sammanfattning: Background: The scrub nurse and the surgeon are working tightly in a cross-professional team during the surgery. Their specific responsibilities in combination with a demanding and complex work environment can contrite to perceived stress, with a negative impact on the work done by the surgical team and ultimately influence patient safety negatively. Patient safety shall imbue all medical care and constitute a key responsibility for scrub nurses and surgeons.Aim: To describe what causes stress in scrub nurses and surgeons’ professional roles and how it can affect patient safety.Method: A systematic literature study based on 12 articles of both qualitative and quantitative nature. Data analysis was done based on Bettany-Saltikov and McSherry’s (2016) three-step model.Results: The results are presented through two themes: Stressful causes and The impact of Stress on patient safety, consisting of five categories respectively. Within the different categories, the primary stressors found are high workload and lack of time, equipment related problems, inexperience and lack of knowledge, interruptions and distractions, as well as emergency situations during surgery. The teams’ impact on stress was found to be dependent of the team composition. Stress was managed by being prepared, have a clear view of the situation and clear and good communication.Conclusion: The study show that scrub nurses and surgeons perceive work related stress, which primarily are coupled to factors within the organization and teamwork within the surgical team. The stress causes an increased risk of errors and mistakes, which impact patient safety negatively. Stress management is considered a key tool when trying to improve patient safety. By raising awareness about stress, better opportunities for a god work environment, health and patient safety can be created, which will benefit both personnel and patients.

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