Vård av depression hos äldre

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Sammanfattning: Abstract Background: Depression is one of the most common psychiatric diagnoses in the elderly and causes a great deal of suffering for the affected person. It is unclear how many of the 70- year-olds that recieves adequate care and treatment. The psychiatric nurse plays an important role in alerting the elderly to depression and providing adequate care and treatment. Aim: Describe the care and treatment of depression in 70-year-olds. Method: The study is based on material from the H70-study conducted between 2014-2016 in Gothenburg and its environs. There were 1195 people who participated in the study and all were born in 1944. The surveys included interviews in which the participants were asked about depression, care and treatment. They were asked about their visits to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals last year. Results: The results showed that 107 (9 %) people met the criteria for actual depression, of which 34 (32 %) were treated with antidepressants. Anti-depressant therapy was also used by 88 (8 %) people who did not meet the criteria for depression. Of those with depression, or antidepressant treatment, only 5 people had ongoing contact at the time of the study. People with depression had more doctor visits than those without depression. Conclusion: Depression in the elderly is common. Drug treatments is common, but many times insufficient, and a large number of medications with antidepressants have not received follow-up in the past year. Very few elderly people have received treatment with psychotherapy , although it is recommended, and just a few had contact with specialistpsychiatry in the past year. As a healthcare professional, we need to become better at paying attention and daring to ask questions about mental ill-health, even if the elderly is seeking care for somatic disorders. The elderly can gain greater confidence in the care and better adherence to treatment if information and education about depression are given. Keywords: Elderly, depression, H70-study, mental illness, conversation, care and treatment, suffering, psychiatric nurse

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