Bättre ut : En kvalitativ studie ur klientperspektiv om frigivning.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Örebro universitet/Institutionen för beteende-, social- och rättsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study is to from a client point of view study the release process. The first issue is which positive and negative aspects on the release situations that are revealed trough the interviews. The second issue is which changes that are needed to improve the conditions for the release work to be crime preventive. The study has been performed by means of qualitative interviews with clients, and one person with a long professional experience of treatment of offenders. The results show that the release work has generally not been successful. This is, according to the clients, due to a lack of cooperation between the client and the authorities. The clients also mean that their own motivation is the base for change, but that they may need help to mobilize the motivation. The next step is to se to that the soberness and the motivation obtained during the time in prison is not destroyed shortly after release. This is a significant risk that has been described both in previous research and by the interviewees. It is a paradox to from one day as institutionalised to the next day as released be expected to take responsibility for all aspects of life. The release process is not finished when the prisoner leaves the prison. The subsequent release work needs to be improved. A possibility that came up during the interviews is to set up a post-release system in the form of apartments owned by the local authorities. Crime is a symptom of both social system problems and personal problems. However, both the previous research and the result of this study show a tendency that the client’s will to change often meets hinders caused by the social systems. It is on the social system level that improvements in the first place are needed.

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