Design and Evaluation of V/UHF Satellite Communication Antennas for Naval Applications

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Elektroteknisk teori och konstruktion

Sammanfattning: In this master thesis, compact antenna design aimed towards naval applicationshave been designed, analyzed and evaluated. There is a recentinterest in the development of compact antennas to be used for smallersubmarine models, and with a smaller hull on a submarine, communicationand antenna systems must be adapted and minimized, which limitsantenna design. With two limiting cylindrical volumes with maximumallowed dimensions r = 10 cm, h = 50 cm and r = 5 cm, h = 90 cm,the antennas would operate on the upper to lower V/UHF band, radiatehemispherically and have a high RHCP purity. It was found that the mostappropriate antenna structure for both volumes was QHA design. Afterthe design and analysis process was completed, it was concluded that theshorter antenna design could meet all requirements set while the longerantenna design did not meet all requirements but could still establish agood communication link on the higher frequencies. Antenna prototypesbased on the produced design were constructed and measured and, despiteminor deviations, veried that the results obtained from this thesis werereliable.

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