Value based strategy in elite sports organizations - A Case Study of Luleå Hockey

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Fastigheter och byggande


The  purpose  of  this  report  is  to  examine  and  describe  how  an  elite  sports

organization uses  implementation  of  values  to  strengthen  the  organizational culture and the strategy.   The author has made a case study of Luleå Hockey, consisting  of   eight  interviews  and   necessary  observations.  The  report  is interview based but books, scientific articles and reports have also been taken into consideration. 

Research emphasizes that the ongoing commercializing-­‐  and professionalizing processes in non-­‐profit  organizations has led to a greater influence of business thinking,  which can  be  noted in  the  case Luleå Hockey who knowingly uses strategy. The theoretical framework of the report, however, proves that strategy needs  the  support  of  a  strong  organizational  culture  in  order  to  be  used effectively. To develop an organizational culture that correlate with strategy, the understanding of how to implement values is important.

Luleå   Hockey   uses   strategy   and   realizes   how   shared   values   influence organizational culture, however the procedure where Luleå Hockey implements the   values   into   the   organization   can   still   be   improved.   In   elite   sports organizations a conflict of interests arises when the non-­‐profit fundament of the organization  is  put  in  contrast  to  the  profit-­‐generating  goals,  shared  values  can

therefor be the glue that holds these organizations together.

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