Vem ska jobba på skolbiblioteket? : En politisk diskursanalys av Skolbibliotek för bildning och utbildning (SOU 2021:3)

Detta är en Master-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: This study investigates Skolbibliotek för bildning och utbildning (SOU 2021:3) through a political discourse analysis from the perspective of Isabela and Norman Fairclough. The main focus of the study is to analyse the arguments political actors used when proposing claims for action in order to strengthen the school libraries in Sweden and how these might affect options for action and the subjects of school librarians. Since a main aim for this study is to focus on the portrayal of the school librarians in the discourse, the parts of the report dealing with questions regarding staffing is used as the main empirical material. The analysis’ first part is a reconstruction of the argumentation, placing the different parts into the different premises of practical reasoning in accordance with the framework proposed by Fairclough and Fairclough (2012). The results are later discussed on a macro level drawing upon the social context, including professional theory, and the power structures behind. The analysis reveals that the argumentation in favour of the actions to achieve expedient school libraries, proposed in the empirical material, is not sufficient enough to be reasonable acceptable, which in turn could affect the school libraries and school librarians’ position negatively. In a wider perspective the results show that the discourses and narratives used in the report consolidates the invisibility and the ambivalent subjects of the school librarians.

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