En komparativ studie av Danmarks och Sveriges metadonprogram

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Our purpose with this essay was to make a comparative study of the methadone programme in Sweden versus Denmark. We wanted to examine the issue by illustrating the historical and recent development of the drug political policy and the growth of the methadone programme in both countries. We chose to work with the following questions: 1. What differences occur in the methadone programme if you compare the same in Denmark and Sweden? 2. How is the respective methadone programmes designed? 3. How is the methadone programme used in Sweden compared to Denmark? 4. Why should methadone be used as a substitution treatment for heroin addicts? To answer our questions we have used literature, reports and information from the Internet and we have also made seven qualitative interviews. Out of these seven interviews three were made in Denmark and four in Sweden, all with people who have professions related to the methadone programme. Even though we found differences, in both the drug political policy and the growth of the methadone programme, we have come to understand that there are many similarities between the two countries. In Sweden there are more restrictions around prescribing methadone in then in Denmark. Denmark has a more liberal view in their drug political policy but the police have more authority in drug search and the punishment for trade with heavy narcotics are severe compared to Sweden.

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