Meningsfull gamification i e-Learningtjänster : En undersökning om lärande online

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media; Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media

Sammanfattning: Education through e-Learning services have today millions of active users. These services are often including elements of gamification to better illustrate certain aspects and motivate their users. We are researching how gamification has been applied to three selected e-Learning services by analysing to which degree these services relates to Scott Nicholsons theory and framework RECIPE for a meaningful gamification. The theory describes how gamification can be used to instil an intrinsic motivation and meaningful engagement in users. It seeks to help avoid controversial potential pitfalls surrounding the subject as with addictive, thoughtless scoring systems. We are examining to which degree the three services are applying and utilizing meaningful gamification from the standpoint of the various concepts of the selected framework. By thorough research of the theory and examination of previous studies in the researched field we have designed a grading scale that seeks to illustrate which functionality should be implemented to fully/partly/fail to meet the requirements of the concepts in Nicholsons framework. A description of the functionality of the services is included followed by an application of the theory on the selected, researched parts. By applying the theory we seek to concretize, analyze and compare the elements that, to various degrees, fulfills meaningful gamification according to Nicholson. We have not issued tests to research if the studied elements in actuality leads to an intrinsic motivation and meaningful engagement. The results show that the studied parts of the services are lacking elements that according to us as the writers of this study, are necessary to fulfil RECIPE’s various concepts. The services varies in to which degree and in some cases in which way the concepts are fulfilled. The standalone concept that all of the services realized in its entirety was Information where the requirements amongst others are clear descriptive indications of the users progress as well as enlightenment in how and in what way the information that the service provides is applicable. Our research shows that all researched e-Learning services are lacking aspects that enables complete fulfillment of RECIPE’s complete set of concepts. The study gives an insight into what is demanded to realize meaningful gamification according to Nicholson’s theory by illustrating and analyzing the functionality of the studies services. Because of the way we have had to make subjective assessments, the limited scope along with the lack of actual tests we do consider our conclusions and thus study to not live up to its full potential. Continued research is necessary to further validate the study and if the application of the theory in fact leads to meaningful gamification. We discuss further surrounding the theory along with in learning of this nature in general in the chapter Diskussion.

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