Improving the Haldex Way Tier model – using the lean philosophy to achieve business excellence

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Produktionsekonomi

Sammanfattning: Background: Increasing cost effectiveness and productivity are key issues for Haldex. These improvements are obtained through Haldex Way, the overall management and process improvement framework. Haldex Way‟s deployment, progression and assessment are based on a five level Tier model, the concern with Haldex Way Tier model is that its evolution has been inconsistent and the Tier levels have been added gradually. A full review is therefore needed. Purpose: The purpose of this Master‟s Thesis is to conduct a full review of the existing Haldex Way Tier model, redesign it, and present an improved Tier model. Problem definition: The analysis should take a holistic view and include the following aspects: Structure of the current Tier model Functionality for different parts of the business Coherence of scope and requirements for the different Tier levels The reviewed model should follow a logic pattern with coherent steps and support the adding of a Business Excellence model as a fifth level. Method: In this thesis a Systems approach with a qualitative grip was used to capture complex interrelations and ensure a holistic perspective. Data was gathered through a thorough literature study, observations including several site visits, content analysis, benchmarking against Volvo Production System and extensive interviews. Analysis and redesign of the Tier model were conducted gradually in a loop structure. Conclusion: The analysis and redesign of the current Tier model have resulted in an improved Tier model, that is more generic and consequently provides added functionality for the different parts of Haldex‟ businesses. The improved Tier model has a better structure and provides coherence of scope and requirements for the different levels.

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