Förvaltning av bostadsrätter - En studie över bostadsrättsföreningars fastighetsförvaltning och förhållningssätt till bevarande

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvård

Sammanfattning: Private ownership is an important part of human rights. Since 2000, private home ownership through bostadsrättsföreningar has increased in Sweden. Bostadsrättsförening is a Swedish form of property management where members of an association own a property together. The association owns the property and is responsible for the management. While property management is based on economic principles, this study implies that it is also important to manage the building so that it is preserved through careful action. This essay examines how bostadsrättsföreningar in Gothenburg relate to conservation in their property management through a conservation perspective based on the concept of authenticity. The perspective imply that conservation is about preserving the character and integrity of a building. The thesis also looks at the factors that have caused bostadsrättsföreningar to increase, the interests that exist in bostadsrättsföreningar and what is needed for a careful property management. Through interviews with nine bostadsrättsföreningar and the city building offi ce, fi eldwork and litterature studies the thesis has been able to determine how bostadsrättsföreningar handle different conservation issues in their property management. The study shows that there is a connection between internal conversations about preservation and careful management of the building’s exterior. Neither having an interest in conservation nor talking about conservation result in an increased risk of careless property

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