Våga fråga : En allmän litteraturstudie om sjuksköterskors erfarenhet av att möta kvinnor utsatta för intimate partner violence [IPV]

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Röda Korsets Högskola; Röda Korsets Högskola

Sammanfattning: Background: Women exposed to IPV is a global health problem which concerns all women regardless of ethnicity, religion or socioeconomic group. Previous research shows that exposed women demand more support and understanding from healthcare services and also that nurses need greater preparedness to meet these women adequately. Aim: The aim of this literature study was to explore nurses experiences in meeting women exposed to IPV. Method: A qualitative literature study consisting of 10 scientific articles that was analyzed bya qualitative content analysis. Results: Two categories were identified: challenges in meeting the woman and successfactors in meeting the woman. Nine associated subcategories were detected. These showed that nurses experienced impotency, lack of knowledge and time and also communication challenges in meeting women exposed to IPV. The analysis also identified factors that facilitated the meeting. Conclusions: Continued research on the phenomenon is necessary to provide nurses with education and to implement guidelines and policies within the healthcare sectors regarding IPV. It is of importance to be able to offer exposed women adequate care, improve theirhealth and reduce mortality due to the violence.

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