En jämförelse av stommaterial : En ekonomisk och tidsmässig jämförelse av yttervägg och mellanbjälklag av prefabricerad betong med KL-trä

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Karlstads universitet; Karlstads universitet

Författare: Nawid Habibi; Mahdi Nouri; [2021]

Nyckelord: ;

Sammanfattning: Time and finances are important issues in construction that most companies focus on and try to have as much profit as possible while completing a construction project in as short a time as possible. In Grums, the municipality has decided to build a new school building 1.5 Km from Grums Centrum. In the study, two different frame materials with similar properties will be compared from a time and economics perspective. The frame materials that will be compared in this study are prefabricated concrete elements and cross-glued wood, KL wood. The purpose of this comparison is to arrive at the most advantageous material both in terms of time and money. Peab AB will carry out construction of the school, there Klara architect did a feasibility study and developed proposals for a school building with eight classrooms and premises for four leisure departments. The school building is built with a solid wooden frame, the building's BTA is approximately 2900 m2.                       When building a school, high demands are placed on sound and fire and these properties should be considered at the dimensioning stage. Properties of each material differ. Where cross-glued wood is a material that has low specific gravity, is easy to work with, has good strength, has good properties when it comes to fire and moisture. On the other hand, concrete is a material that has a long service life and is durable in the long run. Concrete is good at withstanding moisture and does not mold, is fireproof, is sound-absorbing and is a recyclable material. The method that has been used to arrive at the result was Bidcon to compile a cost estimate, Power project to see how long it takes to build with each material, VIP to get the same U-value in the concrete frame as in KL- wooden frame and in addition, load counting and dimensioning of the prefabricated concrete frame was done to check that the selected dimension holds. Dimensioning for the KL wooden frame has been done by the company. The company has used computer programs to find out that the selected dimensions hold.  The results of this study show that from an economic perspective, the prefabricated concrete frame will be cheaper. The concrete frame also gave the shortest construction time. On the other hand, when these two frame materials have been compared in terms of time, which frame material takes the shortest time to build the school with. Then the results showed that here too prefabricated concrete element was the best alternative when choosing materials from a time perspective.

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