“Öppna ögonen and see the real fucking enemy” : En fallstudie om Natalie Jonssons användning av Instagram för att sprida konspirationsteorier

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Medier och kommunikation

Sammanfattning: This study aims to expand on the knowledge of how conspiracy theorists spread their theories and message online by looking closer at one Swedish influencer on Instagram: Natalie Jonsson (@nataliejonssons). Through her Instagram feed including videos, pictures and saved livestreams the study analyzed how Instagram was used, which themes that were present and how the influencer presented herself. The study relies on Goffman's theory of self representation, as well as media affordances, personal branding, conspirituality and Baker's previous research on the persecuted hero narrative. The comparative method was used for coding and finding themes in the material. The study's inductive approach revealed that the influencer, who originally was chosen for being a part of the anti-vaccination movement, was in fact also a conspiracy theorist. The findings were as follows: Instagram was used strategically in the spread of themes in different parts of the profile, where the livestreams presented the most extreme opinions, while an anti-vaccine discourse was more openly displayed. Eleven themes were found, most of them rooted in a mistrust for the system, leaders, medicine and media. The remaining themes all included conspiracy theories and/or false information, with the exception for the theme private life and politics. Natalie Jonsson positions herself as a censored fighter for the people, truth and freedom. The results aid in expanding on the understanding of misinformation and conspiracy theories and their spread online, and thus undermining truth, democracy and health around the globe.

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