Evaluation of varied enrichment schedules for two feline and one primate species at Parken Zoo

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för fysik, kemi och biologi


An evaluation of varied enrichment and feeding schedules were conducted on three spices, drill, Pallas’s cat and cheetah, at Parken Zoo in Sweden. Varied schedules of enrichment and feeding are used to prevent the animals from knowing when the administration of these events are going to happen since anticipation can lead to a number of negative changes in the behaviours of the animals. Scan sampling was used to gather behavioural data of the animals and the data was then used to answer a number of questions about the extent of success of the varied schedule: 1.Is the varied schedule experienced as unpredictable for the animals? 2. Are there any negative behaviours associated with the scheduled enrichments? 3. What are the reactions to the enrichment being withheld at certain days? The results showed that the animals did not perceive the scheduled events as predictable; pacing in cheetahs and aggressive behaviours in Pallas’s cats seemed to be directly associated with the events; active behaviours in the drills decreased and aggressiveness increased as an immediate result of withholding enrichment. Implications for the animals and the zoo in light of the results are discussed.

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