“Ofta pratar jag med mina kollegor för att då kan jag få lite perspektiv” - En kvalitativ studie om lärares upplevelse och hantering av emotionella krav samt deras erfarenheter av välmående i yrket

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: The purpose of the study is to, from teacher’s perspective, discuss and increase theunderstanding of experiences that give them a feeling of wellbeing in their daily workwhen dealing with the emotional demands that are required in their profession. Thestudy analyzing their experiences and their ways to handle emotional demands fromtheory about emotions, rules and strategies as well as ability to emotionalreflexivity. The study has been made as an innovative study of interviews with aphenomenological research approach to be able to study the phenomenon emotions andhandling of emotions in teacher’s own perspective. The empirical material has beenqualitative interviews with teachers in the municipal elementary school, 1 to 9grade. The study shows that teachers experience various emotional demands whenmeeting pupils and when meeting legal guardians. When working with pupils, theexperience is above all, a feeling of shortness in connection with emotional demands,often due to a too heavy work pressure and sometimes very difficult cases. Whenmeeting the pupils’ legal guardians the teachers experience emotional demands incomplex cases. The study shows that in their profession, most of the teachers useadaptability in their expression of feelings by surface- or deep-acting when experienceemotions. The observation the teachers describe giving them experience of wellbeing isthe pleasure in the relational and pedagogical work with the pupils, to be a part of agroup where it is possible to talk and discuss with colleagues and spontaneous reflectionwith colleagues. The study shows that it is about the professional identity, that ifteachers' professional knowledge about their own awareness in relational workincreases, the risk of alienation may decrease. One conclusion is also that "buffergroups" are used as a forum for reacting and that regular collegial emotional reflexivityhas no priority in teacher’s profession. This can lead to consequences for teacher’shealth, it could be difficult to stay in their profession as long as they should prefer. Thestudy conclusions could even be transferred to other contact-professions such as policeandnursing profession. So, the study propose further research on different kind offramework for collegial emotional reflexivity and it says it should be useful for workenvironment for other contact-professions where people experience a shortage of time.

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