Distansarbetets påverkan på medarbetares upplevda produktivitet : En kvalitativ studie

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för ekonomi

Sammanfattning: Title: the impact of telework on employees’ perceived productivity – A qualitative study with a Swedish university at the center Level: Student thesis, final assignment for bachelor’s degree in business administration Authors: Rasmus Meller and Elin Sjöberg Supervisor: Jean Claude Mutiganda Date: 2022 - January Background and Purpose: Working from home has not been a widespread phenomenon, but in the spring of 2020 it became increasingly common as the covid-19 pandemic spread around the world. On March 17, 2020, the recommendation came that those who can, should work from home. Many companies then had to change, and employees were forced to work from home. The development of information and telecommunications technology has made teleworking on this scale possible. There are already many studies on how teleworking affects the productivity of employees. However, many of these studies have been carried out under different conditions, which leads to our purpose, which is about how employees' perceived productivity was affected by the shift from office work to telework during the Covid-19 pandemic. Method: The study uses qualitative research that follows an inductive starting point. The data collection method is based on interviews which are then compiled into a result and a subsequent analysis. The interviews were conducted via digital tools with employees at a Swedish university. Results & conclusion: The study shows that employees' perceived productivity is generally the same when they work remotely as when they work in the office. However, the study highlights various factors that have an impact on productivity. The contribution of the degree project: The study contributes to an increased understanding of how employees' perceived productivity is affected by telework and which factors affect. The study also provides advice to organizations on how a strategy or policy can be designed for future work at a distance. Suggestions for further research: We have produced three different proposals for further research in the subject that we think may be interesting. The first is to carry out a multi-case study at several different organizations, the second proposal is to carry out a quantitative study and the third proposal is research that examines the perceived productivity in the long term. Keywords: productivity, Human Resource Management, working from home.

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