Helia : Design för mental hälsa inom säsongsdepression

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för design

Sammanfattning: Sweden is located high up in the northern part of the hemisphere, which means that the number of hours of sunshine differs drastically between the winter and summer months. With this contrast comes a problem where more than one in three Swedes feel that the winter darkness affects their work performance. To counteract this societal problem, this paper examined whether apps can promote the mental health of those with mild forms of seasonal affective disorder and mild depression. This was investigated through a visual research of apps available to promote mental health as well as through a survey. The results show that there is a wide range of apps that promote mental health but that there is no range of these apps with a link to seasonal depression. This survey, like so many others, also shows that there are many who suffer from Winter Blues and that there is a curiosity among the respondents to test whether an app that wants to promote their mental and takes seasons and weather into consideration will help.    

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