Förbättring och utveckling av kompetensförsörjning : En kvalitativ studie utförd vid Swedavia AB

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: An organizations quality management, including process improvement and -development requires continuous work. Quality- and process improvement does not only concern the individual employee but the entire organization. This bachelor thesis is about studying and improving a competence provision process at the organization Swedavia. The purpose is to suggest improvements that increase the efficiency and clarifies the competence prevision process. The thesis is based on the questions (1) How can the competence prevision be improved at Swedavia? And (2) How can the competence prevision be developed into a more adaptable process that fits into all business areas? In order to identify the cause of quality deficiency, three quality management tools have been used. To provide manageable improvement proposals, data collection has been focused on individual perspective such as interviews and surveys, as well as an operational perspective where quality audits have been reviewed. By analyzing the result with aid in information and material concerning competence prevision and process improvement, improvement proposals for the process have been developed and presented in an implementation plan. The study shows that (1) Swedavia’s competence provision can be improved by further developing the process method descriptions, responsibilities and the tools used. An improvement that benefits both the employees and the organization is to apply a clearer description of the overall competence provision process. The description should be based on guidelines for competence management by the Swedish Standard Institute. The result shows that depending on the area of business, the unconsciousness seems to vary. Improvement proposals for a more adaptable process (2) therefore include clearer guidelines, process tools and methods that is specific to the studied business area. In addition to suggested improvements, Swedavia should review what is considered to be of most importance and challenging in the process management, good communication and accessibility.

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