Effect of Ozone Treatment on Molten LDPE on to Aluminum Foil

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Förpackningslogistik

Sammanfattning: BACKGROUND In the lamination process the use of surface treatment is necessary to improve the adhesion between the different layers of the packaging material. Surface treatment can be described as Techniques which change the surface characters without affecting properties of the bulk materials. One of the surface treatments is the ozone treatment where the ozone is applied to the hot melt just before the melt enters the nip and is put together with the board and aluminum foil. The treatment enables carbon-oxygen bonds to be formed which make the treated surface of the polymer melt oxidized which results in better adhesion. METHOD In this project the ozone treatment in the laminate station was examined. Different settings for the ozone parameters were altered in the desire to see which ones play an important role for the adhesion and the measured concentration in the nip region. The parameters that were changed were the ozone concentration [g/m3], ozone flow rate [m3/hour] and the ozone applicator angle [˚].Furthermore the goal for the project was to get a better understanding of the ozone process. RESULTS & PROPOSAL From the results of this study a number of conclusions could be made. First of all the ozone treatment has a positive effect on the adhesion. The measured concentration in the nip region is far from the same as the ozone concentration set in the generator. In addition the ozone concentration set from the generator fluctuates. The results from the adhesion measurements showed that the model was poor and no analysis could be made regarding the settings and the adhesion values. The reason for the poor model is most likely caused by noise. The noise could be the test method for the adhesion measurements. Suggested work regarding the ozone treatment is to improve the test method and equipment for measuring ozone concentration in the nip region. In addition the test method for analysing the adhesion results needs to be investigated to see if it produces reliable results. Finally, many more tests needs to be performed to get the whole understanding for the ozone treatment.

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