Där jag aldrig varit

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Konstfack/Inredningsarkitektur & Möbeldesign


The sites I visit turned into routines a long time ago. Everywhere someone has decided what should be there and what will not fit. I retreat into my daydreams, away from everyday life. A longing for something different, something wonderful. I decided to go where I've never been, searching for something unknown. Sometimes the escape and search is similar, and with the same goal.

This is a story about a journey to a new place, which is familiar in more ways than one. It's about everything that is designated, but by whom and for whom? About possibilities, to see what the world could be, potential, dreams and hope. The project aims to implement a fantasy, and show a different reality.

I found a place on the border between urban buildings and vast nature. An end, a beginning and a passage. There is a tree, a symbol of knowledge and vegetation, a premonition of what's coming. The closest we come to untouched nature begins on the other side of the slope. But here, where I stand, everything is decided. I understand that my world is synthetic.

My project is a site-specific design in Akalla, where I created a tree wig and a stone landscape.

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