Den diskursiva kampen om Afrika : Diskursanalys av svensk nyhetsrapporterings representation av Afrika i relation till miljö och civilisation

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för humaniora

Sammanfattning: Purpose: With focus on environment and in relation to civilization, this essay aims to clearify the discource and the process in wich creation of meaning about Africa is produced within swedish articles and also to analyze the exprecisions used. Method: As method, as well as theory, this essay uses the theory of discource and the discource analysis asssociated with Laclau & Mouffe. This because of the linguistic orientation and the tools of signs and elements among others to help identify common use of words and type of language with wich to talk about Africa. To do this, articles are selected from Retriever using the keyword Africa. Thereafter, a closer look at the total of 675 articles reduces them into 160 which clearly shows any description of environment and thereafter says something about civilization, or for that matter, the opposite to civilization. The material is then analyzed based on categories of countryside, urban environments and exotic environments aswell in relation to civilization in purpose to clearify wich environment is conected to civilization, or for that matter rather primitive societies. In this process the essay is also able to clearify the exprecions used. Result: The results show that the mosts common way to describe Africa is through signs of rather primitive societies. All of the environments aswell as the countryside, the exotic environment and the urban environment are described this way and show that the african society overall is to be considered a primitive society.

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