Redovisning av dörrar och dörrpartier i offentliga lokaler : Problem och förslag till förbättringsåtgärder

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Byggteknik

Författare: Adam Simonsson; [2013]

Nyckelord: ;


Today, the requirements on doors and door sections in buildings are often many and

tightly restricted. Especially in public buildings, the requirements for safety and

functionality must cover the needs of larger groups of people. These strict

requirements have often led to doors and door sections in public buildings being very

complex and difficult to correctly install without any complications.

This diploma work has been carried out in cooperation with Werket Architects,

which estimates a high percentage of flaws regarding aforementioned components, in

projects of the type described. The company therefore wanted to investigate how

they could develop their remit in door production, which is the projection and design

of blueprints. By taking part of installers opinions on how they want the blueprints of

doors and door - sections to be designed for the best installation possibilities,

develop¬ment areas, and to some extent improvements regarding the company's use

of accounting techniques, could be provided to the company.

The study shows, among other things, that there is a possibility of development in the

functional descriptions that entail the doors' fitting components. The technique that

Werket Architects uses to present these components does not allow the detailed

description of functions that is often required. Furthermore a part of the study shows

that the problems regarding doors and door sections usually are based on more than

simply how the architects choose to present their blueprints. It instead shows that

the lack of knowledge in key parts, such as locks and alarms, at architectural firms also

greatly contributes to the insufficient end results.

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