Corporate Social Responsibility - Alla företag har ett klimatavtryck, det är bäst vi lägger oss ner och dör!

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Sustainability work is something that is emphasized more and more. Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, is discussed and the question of how much responsibility companies should really take is frequently in the news. Companies tend to ask themselves how much responsibility they should take. CSR is a common concept of companies environmental and social work and a concept we tend to see here and there in our modern society. CSR includes companies’ social responsibilities, both in terms of carbon footprint, working conditions, social responsibility and more. The tourism industry is not late to embrace the concept of CSR. The three leading tour operators in Sweden, Fritidsresor, Ving and Apollo, have their own CSR and environmental policies for their businesses. The purpose of this thesis is to from an institutional perspective examine if the tour operators are taking the responsibility that they claim to do. What activities they are doing according to their CSR policy. Our intention is to investigate if the tour operators’ work with CSR is only a facade that is presented for marketing purposes. We also want to investigate whether the activities, monitoring and control of those reflect CSR work even at the destination. The thesis question is: What does the tour operators’ follow-up work look like? and Can the tour operator connect CSR to their work and comply with the ethical responsibilities they say they take - or is it just a way to attract customers? To answer these questions, we have an abductive approach with semi structured interviews. Our selection consists of the three leading tour operators in Sweden, Fritidsresor, Ving and Apollo as well as trade associations such as ECPAT and Travelife. We have also chosen to interview the unions HRF and the Union to get their view of the dilemma. We have chosen to focus on tour operators' CSR- and monitoring work. A fundamental idea we carried with us through the course of this study was if tour operators can keep what they promise, according to its policy.

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