Att vara eller inte vara på rätt plats : Om statushierarkier bland skådespelare

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Sociologi

Sammanfattning: The thesis Att vara eller inte vara på rätt plats – Om statushierarkier bland skådespelare is a qualitative study, conducted by me, Therése Jirek, with the purpose of investigating the status hierarchies between actors educated at the public Swedish theater universities and actors educated at private/non public/other theater schools. The study also investigates how the hierarchies affect the work, social relations and dynamics between the actors. The study also looks at the professional pride and identity in relation to this.  The information was gathered using semi-structured interviews with six Swedish actors of different age groups and with different educational backgrounds. The theoretical framework with which the information was interpreted is the theories of the field and habitus by Pierre Bourdieu. The results and analysis are presented in three different parts (chapters): Part 1 – about production and reproduction of status, part 2 – about practices that preserve status and part 3 – about professional pride and identity. The study shows that the actors status is determined for the most part by his or her educational background and if and where he or she works. The status preserving practices are largely performed through silent agreements and self-regulatory behavior. The professional title is characterized by a strong sense of pride and is often rooted deep in the personal identity.

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