Vad är viktig kunskap i Samhällskunskap? : En analys av läraruppfattningar

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen


Title: What is important knowledge in social studies- An analyse of opinions among teachers in social studies

The aim of this paper is to increase the awareness about how teachers in Social studies think about goals and substance in the subject. I also want to get a picture about what kinds of problems teacher’s experiences when teaching Social studies. My expectations told me that Social studies are complex to teach, because it derives from several university disciplines such as Political science, Economics, Sociology, Law and Geography, which I believe makes the subject harder to define and what to give priority to. Finally, I want to increase the awareness, if it seems to be any fundamental essence in Social studies as a subject.

To achieve my goals with this paper I have studied relevant literature about Social studies. I also made an investigation with seven teachers who teach Social studies.

The results of the investigation showed that political science is very wide and contains a lot of different areas. The basic view about Social studies varied among the investigations participants, however the majority thought that the subject should convey practical training skills and ought to, in some way, prepare students for later acts in life. The investigation also showed that the participants mainly focused on areas from Sociology and Political science and less often from Law, Geography and Economics. Finally, when it comes to the essence of the subject, the investigation showed that that democracy has a very special place. However, in what way the teachers work with and discuss democracy, vary.

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