Tillhörighet har du bland dina vänner och i skolan, har du inte den söker du den någon annanstans” -En kvalitativ studie om mäns upplevelser till varför de påbörjat en kriminell livsstil

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Crime is a daily issue which we experience in our societies/communities. The purpose of this study is to investigate criminal defectors' experiences of why they have chosen to have a criminal lifestyle. This study will primarily focus on factors related to school and interaction with like-minded individuals. The method that has been chosen for this study is qualitative interviews with six criminal defectors from different organizations for criminal defectors. We have chosen to only interview men since research shows that the majority of criminal actions are committed by men. When we analyzed our results we chose to apply two theories; Howard S Becker’s ”Labeling Theory” and Edwin Sutherland’s ”Differential association theory”. This study shows that there are plenty of factors that make an individual start a criminal lifestyle. One of the studies' most important results was that if an individual feels exclusion at an early age it leads to deviant behavior. Factors as exclusion, thrill-seeking, affiliation, and status, make the individual look for a motive that drives them towards the search for success.

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