Uppföljning och återkoppling efter prehospital bedömning och behandling

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Högskolan i Halmstad/Akademin för hälsa och välfärd


The Swedish prehospital/ambulance organization has the last decades evolved from a transport organization to a an organization that focus on alleviate and treating acute medical conditions in the field as well as transporting patient to the emergency ward. The ambulance service is developing continually and offers today a high-tech and highly specialized nursing/care. Which in turn demand a higher standard and competence on the care provider. Ambulance mission can vary in priority and magnitude. This in turn demand a high medical competence our capacity. One of the most important task ́s in pre-hospital work is to prioritize and assess the patient status. The medical judgment lies as a foundation for further caring focus and triage. Feedback and patient monitoring from the hospital can be pin pointing the right diagnosis and support the ambulance nurse to decide if the right pre hospital diagnosis was judged.

The aim of the study was to describe specialist educated ambulance nurses need of feedback according to the medical judgment and treatment after terminated ambulance mission.

The study was performed as a survey investigation with a quantitative descriptive design. Fifteen specialist educated ambulance nurses in two ambulance stations in Halland participated in the study.

The majority of the ambulance nurses recognized the need of feedback/patient monitoring and found it difficult to receive information about patient that been transported to the hospital. Personal relationships to certain patient responsible nurses on caring units showed in some cases important to obtain information about patients. To design a plan for a regular feedback according to judgment and treatment after concluding the assessment could serve as a cost efficient education to the ambulance nurses and increase patient assurance. The result could in the future be used to design a action plan for recurring feedback in regard to assessment and treatment after completed mission. In conclusion one can claim that this is a free of charge competence improvement where all parts can be benefiting if we let the ambulance nurse have the opportunity to patient follow up.

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