Väl grundade beslut i förskola och skola : En explorativ studie om skolledares förutsättningar för väl grundade beslut

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för pedagogiska studier (from 2013)

Sammanfattning: To improve outome school needs to find methods for analyzing, monitor-ing and using lessons learned in decisionmaking. This study aims to inve-stigate differences when it comes to support school leaders and their per-ceptions of what analyzis can do to decisionmaking. If there are any diffe-rences in school leaders perceptions of areas of development and im-provement of the ability to conduct analysis is also investigated. My theoretical foundation is presented in Westerman´s methodology (2006). The method is hermeneutically quantitative and seeks to detect underlying structures. Based on the framework of decision theory and ”Framework theory”, founded by the Swedish professors of pedagogy Ur-ban Dahlöf and Ulf P. Lundgren the concepts was operationalizied. To answer the questions I seek a questionnarie study was conducted where 126 school leaders from preschool to secondary schools participaded. The conclutions of the study shows there are differences. School leaders, who believes that analysis of data contributes to good insight in their op-eration also believes that they have a high degree of support from muni-cipality principle. School leaders´ perceptions of areas of developement show that primary school leaders to a greater extent concider that increa-sed quality in terms of structure (developing knowledge of data and deve-lopment methods for measuring results) would help develop analysis of data in their own administration context. The established differences may be of interest to school leader in terms of municipalities and in sup-porting school leaders. The study also shows defferences between deve-lopmental areas and background variables, wich may be of interest in evaluating how the process of analysis of data linked to decisions in gene-ral works within organsations. In the light of these differences – Does our analysis of data contribute to decision making?

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