Bemötande : - en studie om hur rullstolsburna blir bemötta i samhället

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Växjö universitet/Institutionen för pedagogik; Växjö universitet/Institutionen för pedagogik


The purpose with this paper is to get an idea about the interaction between persons sitting in a wheelchair and the society. We have carried through some literary studies to complement the methods we have chosen. We have interviewed a person who is sitting in a wheelchair to get that persons perspective. We have also carried through a participated observation with ourselves sitting in wheelchairs. Our purpose with these methods was to examine how a person sitting in a wheelchair interacts, verbally, non-verbally as well as how the physical environment is adapted. From a person sitting in a wheelchairs perspective the physical environment lacked in adjustment. In some public buildings it wasn’t possible even to get in through the front entrance because of the high steps. The practicability in some of these buildings was limited. We experienced a friendly interaction for most part of the situations. People held up doors for us and asked us if we wanted help in various situations. In some situations we felt like the kindness surpassed into fawning. In passing of people we felt like we didn’t get eye contact with that many of them. They often looked away as if they were scared to stare at us. The person we interviewed thinks that this deviant behaviour isn’t anything that he or she takes notice of because he or she has been sitting in a wheelchair for such a long time.

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