Familj under påverkan : familjebehandling med rötterna i socialt arbete och i familjeterapi

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för kultur och lärande

Sammanfattning: I have been working with family treatment since 1970. This essay in practical knowledge takes its examples from a family treatment commisson 1996, an Assignment from the social wellfare system. I keept a journal from these days. The examples come from those notes. In the broad sense I make my starting - point from systemic thinking and stand whith one foot in social work and the other in family therapy. Sometimes I describe my way of working as a movement from social enegineering to anthropology. Writing this essay has made me consider that this is not always the truth. Sometimes I get directive and normative, instead of not knowing. Sometimes I act more like a missionary than as an antropologist. Like missionaries I sometimes get involved in colonizing the families everyday life. To investigate this I have used reflection through the writing process. Which means that the narrative has transformed into four steps during this essay. This process developed with the questions from my superviser and from collegues. By that the understanding of myself in the narrative has transformed as well. The first step is the linear, dramatic story. The second is the reflecting, circular step. The third is the problemazing, strategic step. The fourth is the extended story which summarizes the storys before plus new discoveries about myself. Families exist whithin a cultural context. Familylife is structured through a set of normative assumptions about how to organize and develop, how to solve problems and communicate. Salvador Minuchin who developed the structural family therapy, worked in countries like Israel, Argentina and the USA, was convinced that these norms existed in every culture. At the same time these values embodies the imperative goals to be striven for as the patterns of a ”normal”,traditional core family, in terms of offering the most valuabel nurturance for children. Structural familly therapy shares the existentialists interest of growing and the strategists interest for the threatening. My first question is whether my way of working whith family treatment, make their structure more transparent so they reveal themselves more than they need or want to. By working whith this essay I have detected that I mixed the meaning of deceiving as a criminal act, whith selfdeception which is an existential invitation. This made me stress the confrontation of the deceiving. Today I would probably make other decisions and work with the pattern of selfdeception more on a long-term. The other question is about the creativity, spontaneity and play as essential ingredients in my way of confronting patterns of communicating and organazing that troubles the family. Change sometimes comes around when playfull activities take place and reflexions over it leed to insights and new patterns.

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