Barns tillgänglighet till lekplatser

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / Institutionen för ekonomi och samhälle

Sammanfattning: The essay studies children's accessibility to playgrounds in the Halmstad urban area. The purpose was to illustrate children's equal accessibility to playgrounds, based on the playground's location in Halmstad and the barriers that affect children's accessibility. Accessibility was also studied in relation to children's dwelling. Furthermore, the intention was to relate the playground's accessibility to relevant visions of municipal planning in order to receive an understanding of the underlying processes.Halmstad municipality has in recent years removed a larger number of playgrounds but also added a smaller number of playgrounds. This aspect was also studied to gain knowledge about accessibility. The theoretical delimitation focused on accessibility, independent mobility and the equal value and rights of all children. The study consisted of two parts. One part was network analyses made in GIS and the other was a qualitative text analysis of strategic municipal documents on the development in the municipality.The analysis showed that the municipality does not have any clear goals or visions regarding children's play and accessibility to playgrounds. The GIS-analysis showed that children's opportunities to walk safely and easily to the playgrounds are not equal for children in the study area. Through both the GIS-analysis and the qualitative text analysis, it was clear that the car and the roads are a major barrier to children's accessibility and independent mobility in general. The second barrier to accessibility to the playground was the location of playgrounds in the city. This resulted in the children in Halmstad not having equal access and access to playgrounds. Furthermore, it could be concluded that by removing certain playgrounds in the urban area, even if two new playgrounds were added, the children's accessibility to playgrounds was negatively affected regardless of whether the playground was a local playground or an area playground.

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