Omvårdnadsåtgärder vid diabetes mellitus typ 2 : En litteraturöversikt

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Röda Korsets Högskola

Författare: Namam Jebar Mohammed; Nergz Dara Ismaeel; [2021]

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Sammanfattning: Background: Diabetes mellitus type 2 (DMT2) is a metabolic and chronic disease,that is one of the most common diseases in Sweden and around the world. The disease affects the individualś life in general and can lead to severe complications and sequelae. Type 2 diabetes mellitus requires big demands on nurses to implement nursing interventions and on patients to change their lifestyle. Person-centred care create good collaboration and a good care relationship between the nurse and the patient, and in the way, health can be promoted. Aim: The aim was to illuminate nursing interventions for type 2 diabetes mellitus. Method: Alitteratur review is based on 13 qualitative scientific articles conducted using thematic analysis. The CINAHL database was used to find all articles. Results: Two themes and six subthemes were identified. The theme "Education" with subthemes diet, physical activity and self-care. The other theme was "Support" with subthemes motivation and consulting, strength through others and colloquial routines. Conclusion: The results of this study showed that there are a big number of nursing interventions that can be applied in the care of patients who have type 2 diabetes mellitus. Motivating physical activities and providing education, knowledge, and information, can counteract complications and secondary diseases. 

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