För en hållbar organisatorisk arbetsmiljö; En studie av Postnords anställda

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Mänskliga rättigheter

Sammanfattning: The essay aims to contribute to the further development of the concept of the working environment as there have been major changes in the labor market. Stress-related diseases and workplace accidents are becoming more common and therefore a clearer humanistic and human rights perspective on the concept of working environment is required. For this, the risks that can lead to work injuries have been investigated. This is to get a picture of what can be done to reduce the risks of workplace accidents. The thesis is based on a qualitative research study in the form of a survey that employees at Postnord responded to. Then the empirical data has been analyzed using deductive qualitative content analysis. This means that previous research has been used on the new empirical data that has been developed. Are there similarities between other businesses that have increased their cus-tomer orientation and increased their competitive pressure? Is there a connection between organizations in health and social care and Postnord regarding deprioritizing the work environment and staff-promoting work? Göran Ahrne's intersectional theory of "multidi-mensional stratification" has worked as a guide throughout the work. The study conclud-ed that stress-related work situations are those that are considered the most dangerous and that it is usually organizational factors that fail. The result shows that it is possible to make connections between previous research and the study's empirical data and that the need for balance between requirements and control must be reviewed for the employees. Classical work environment theories in biology / medicine, ergonomics and psychology must be supplemented with social science and humanistic theories. The purpose of de-veloping the concept work environment is to move from the individual context to an organizational context. Keywords: Work environment, organizational contex, Postnord, intersectional theory, social stratification.

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