Black lives matter : Afroswedes experience of BLM 2020

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Etnologi

Författare: Mariama Dibba; [2020]

Nyckelord: BLM; Sverige; Afrosvenskar; Ras;

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this paper is to see how the events that occurred after the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020 have expressed itself with afro-swedes and in Sweden. A major part of this paper is going to be about BLM, both the organization and the hashtag. I write about the newly created swedish based BLM organization that was founded during the events after the death of George Floyd but I will also write about how the video of George Floyd that was circulating on the internet was handled by afro-swedes. In order to answer my purpose, I have based this paper on three issues that are central throughout this paper. The questions: how have my informants experienced the video of George and the attention that BLM received this summer, how can BLM be understood from a Swedish perspective and lastly what do my informants hope BLM-Sweden will contribute to in the future? In order to answer these questions I have conducted 4 interview with 4 afro-swedes who live in Sweden. The results show that the events after the death of George Floyd gave the afro-swedish community a possibility speak out about their own lives in Sweden. It was an opportunity to speak about themes like “race” and racism in Sweden in a way that was not possible before. The creation of BLM-Sweden was a way for afro-swedes to make their voices heard while it also exposed stuff (like racism) that black people have to face on a daily basis in a country where “race” and racism doesn’t exist. 

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