Finns det en prislapp på demokratin? : En kvalitativ studie med fokus på externa aktörers inflytande på den politiska agendan.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen


A qualitative study of the relationship between external agents and policy professionals within the Swedish administration. The thesis has its starting point in the study "Makt utan mandat" and strives to explain what happens with the political process when more external agents enter the political market. The theoretical base is the policy process and lobbying researchers Hall & Deardorffs model which argues that when external agents exist on the political scene, the influence of political appointees decreases. The model is tested against empiric material, derived from nine qualitative interviews performed on individuals who, in different ways, participate in the policy process. The interviews were conducted during the autumn of 2015. In summary one may argue that the political power in Sweden has changed due to the fact that more external agents and the policy professionals, has entered the political market, and the thesis proves, with limited empiric material, that political appointees and lobbyists participate in the same phase of the policy process. 

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