Faktorer för framgång - En studie av grundskolebibliotek och hur de kan integreras i undervisningen

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för ABM och digitala kulturer

Sammanfattning: Title Factors for success : a study of school libraries at compulsory schools and how to integrate them in the education Abstract This Master's thesis aims to identify success factors for the integration of school libraries in the education. The search for factors are concentrated to three areas: control documents for the school and school library, the Principal and organisation and the collaboration of librarians and teachers. The method consists of three parts: a documetary study, a questionnaire survey and interviews. The documentary study aimed to reveal how concrete control documents for schools and school libraries are concerning pupils' information literacy and school libraries. The questionnaire survey gave a general view of the situation of school libraries in Skåne and to help identify two suitable objects for closer examination. Gunnesboskolan and Rönnowskolan were chosen, and the principals, the school librarians and teachers representing different subjects were interviewed. Our results indicate that there are important factors in all three areas examined. Control documents that mention the role of the school library and the importance of the pupils´ information literacy can help the integration of the school library. It is also essential that librarians and teachers cooperate closely and that the Principal realizes the importance of integrated school libraries and carries out his or hers positive view to the staff members. In addition to the three areas the pedagogical methods have proven to be of great importance. The central conclusion is that the Principal has the most significant function for the school library's integration. To various degrees, the Principal has great influence over all of the success factors we have identified.

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