Pornografikonsumtion och frågan om mäns våld mot kvinnor : En undersökning om pornografikonsumtion hos olika generationer och kön i en svensk kontext.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Malmö universitet/Institutionen för globala politiska studier (GPS)

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study was to examine pornography consumption among men and women from different generations. By investigating this topic, the aim was to enhance the understanding of the potential negative effects of pornography on individuals and society as a whole, as well as from a postcolonial perspective. The aspect of how norms of heterosexuality influence pornography consumption and attitudes towards violence against women in heterosexual relationships was examined as well. To examine these areas a survey was administered. The target population for the survey was individuals aged 18 and above residing in Sweden. The data used in this study consists of the survey responses from a total of 22 participants. The five theories relevant to the analysis and conclusion of this study included: Judith Butler's theory of gender and sexuality, theories on femininity and masculinity within heteronormative heterosexual relationships, Karl Mannheim's concept of generations, postcolonial theory and the definition of Swedishness. By employing these theories, aspects of power and its impact on gender roles and different ethnicities were explored. The theories were also used to analyze stereotypical norms of masculinity and femininity in heteronormative relationships. Additionally, the material was connected to generational issues to analyze differences across generations. The results showed the complexand multifaceted nature of pornography consumption and its relationship with generations, gender, and postcolonialism. The results provide insights not only into individual consumption patterns but also highlight the broader societal context in which pornography both influences and is influenced by social norms and cultural values. It objectifies women, normalizes violence and power dynamics, and reinforces gender roles and sexual norms. The female participants expressed a critical view of pornography and highlighted the need for change in its portrayal and influence. Pornography doesn't only sexualize women, but it also involves sexualizing various ethnic groups. In terms of changes in pornographic habits across generations, the younger generation, growing up in the digital age, has a different perspective on sex and pornography compared to older generations.

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