Jag har ropat så högt jag förmått, jag har upphävt såväl stridsrop som bönerop

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för genus, kultur och historia


Lucie Lagerbielke (1865-1931) is a fairly unknown writer who lived and worked in Stockholm. All her life she was writing with a strong aim to tell her truth and she had an aspiration to change the world for the better.  Her main points of views in her authorship were; oneness, the power of love, a belief in a supreme purpose to be served, religious mysticism and the interest in understanding and to prove the transcendent on a scientific basis. 

In my discussion I relate to Rita Felski and her expression the popular sublime, a term she applies to illustrate a sublime way of writing that was common in women popular fiction in the late nineteenth-century. This romantic literature with escapist tendencies was popular among the ordinary readers but very seldom met with success with the professional critics.

Focus in this BA thesis is the spiritual Lagerbielke and in what way she wants to change the society. I have analyzed two of her novels, Daniel- ett lifsöde and En sällsam upplefvelse with intention to examine how she used her novels to plead for her cause.

By making such an analysis I come to the conclusion that both her novels have the purpose to emphasize her philosophy of life. En sällsam upplefvelse focus on explain the supernatural scientifically and in the novel Daniel – ett lifsöde her intend is to enlighten oneness and selfless love. 

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