Ämnen och dominans i ett samtal mellan terapeut och klient : En samtalsanalytisk jämförelse med läkar-patientsamtal

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för svenskämnen, danska och isländska

Sammanfattning: This thesis presents an analysis of a conversation between a therapist and her client. Through a study of the conversation's topics and structure I have been able to draw conclusions on how the therapist governs and steers the session. With the use of certain tools, such as introductions of topics, invitations, paraphrasing and explorative questions, the therapist presents the frames of the conversation. At the same time, though, she invites the client to state her point of view and correct the views imposed on her through, for example, formulations from the therapist. I in my study I have used the methods of Conversational Anlaysis (CA) com-bined with quantitative methods such as calculating the frequency of a phenomenon. Throughout the thesis I have compared my results with the results presented by Ulla Melander Marttala in her dissertation Content and perspective in doctor-patient conversa-tions. A linguistic and conversation analytic investigation, [Innehåll och perspektiv i samtal mellan läkare och patient. En språklig och samtalsanalytisk undersökning], (Institutionen för nordiska språk vid Uppsala universitet, 1995). The methods for analysis presented there-in have also been of great use in the writing of this paper.

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